Energy Meridians Healing Set

Energy Meridians Healing Set



Huge Size Energy Meridians Healing Set 
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“International Academy of Sound Healing” offers the world’s finest quality, healing Grade, 100% hand-hammered, Huge Size 22 inches / 56 cms dia Energy Meridian Healing Grade Singing Bowls to its students and Clients worldwide, directly from the Source.

Each pc. of IASH Energy Meridian Healing Grade Singing Bowl, individually tested for its finest craftsmanship, superior sound quality for being highly effective in healing, meditation & music. Each pc. of Singing Bowl comes with duly sealed & signed certificates for it genuine & authentic quality.

We endeavor to impart the tune and divine vibrations of  Singing Bowls to add melodious tunes to the pleasant lifestyle of people worldwide. Our Super Quality, healing grade, Hand hammered, “Energy Meridian healing Set of Singing Bowl” are being used worldwide for Clinical Sound Therapy to treat several critical health disorders, Deep meditation and Spiritual journey.

Thousands of years old, the hand-hammered technique still exists & applied  by our master artisans to create these Huge size Powerful vibrational Sound Healing wonders.

“IASH Energy Meridian Healing set of Singing Bowl” carry the sacred aura of the traditional singing bowls in forms and shapes that are uniquely styled to cater to contemporary aesthetic taste,

In the modern era, Singing Bowls are more freely available than in the past, but sourcing the right quality & make Singing bowls is still a tough process. We have through long years of experience gained valuable expertise in creating World’s  one of the most powerful vibrational healing instrument.

Our artisans are inheritors of this ancient art, passed on through generations of their ancestors & have attained mastery in their art that creates superior quality IASH SINGING BOWLS. These artisans have been working exclusively for us & probably no one else, on this planet, could match their skill & workmanship.

Our exclusive range of hand-hammered, healing grade Singing Bowls has enticed many domestic and global clients. We have tuned-up numerous music lovers in the global community, who have recognized our capacity to preserve the harmony in the world of atrocity.

IASH Workshop participants and clients include Health care professionals, Medical Doctors, Yoga & meditation Trainers and Practitioners, health and Wellness Coach,  Energy and Reiki healers, Spiritual Seekers and Masters, Musicians, Homemakers, Students, individuals & corporates from all parts of the world

Each and Every pc. of Singing Bowls is chosen by IASH experts with specific SOUND frequency range for personal & professional application in a highly precise & effective manner to help people with several kinds of physical, mental & emotional disorders.


A huge Size  56 cm. / 22 inches dia, fully hand-hammered Singing Bowl with Immensely powerful vibrations, exclusively created by “International Academy of Sound Healing” to cleanse the toxic energies from our Energy Meridian system & having immense healing benefits for physical, mental & spiritual level.

One of the world’s most exclusive Singing Bowls, A lifetime treasure, and such an effortless approach to nourishing our body, mind & spirit with the infinite healing potential of SOUND.

As per Vedic healing sciences, there are 72000 energy meridians in the human body. The root cause of most of diseases is due to the accumulation of toxins and blockages in the human energy meridian system that ultimately leads to the physical levels in different forms of critical health – disorders.

The Powerful healing vibrations of IASH Energy Meridian Singing Bowl are highly effective to cleanse the accumulated toxins over years & years and help to regain our physical, mental & spiritual health in just a few sessions.

Size Specification : 22 inches / 56 cms. Dia

This Set includes 1 Pc of Singing Bowls: 56 cms. dia

1 pc. of SF5 Size High-Quality Woolen Felt Striker

1 pc. of  ring Cushion

1 pc. of Anti Slip Mat

Highly Recommended for Professional health care practitioners / Sound healers if they own Sound healing clinic,  Spa & wellness center or Yoga Studios. 




  • One of the most powerful sound healing tools to detox, nourish & heal us at Cellular, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual levels.
  • A great healing tool for Spiritual Enlightenment.
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