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Energy Meridians Healing Set

by IASH,

Huge Size Energy Meridians Healing Set 
( Item code: EMHS )


A huge Size  56 cms. / 22 inches dia, fully hand-hammered Singing Bowl with Immensely powerful vibrations, exclusively created by “International Academy of Sound Healing” to cleanse the toxic energies from our Energy Meridian system & having immense healing benefits at physical, mental & spiritual level.

One of the world’s most exclusive Singing Bowls, A life time treasure and such an effortless approach to nourish our body, mind & spirit with infinite healing potential of SOUND.

As per Vedic healing sciences there are 72000 energy meridians in human body. Root cause of most of the dis-eases is due to accumulation of toxins and blockages in human energy meridian system that ultimately leads to physical level in different forms of critical health – disorders.

The Powerful healing vibrations of IASH Energy Meridian Singing Bowl is highly effective to cleanse the accumulated toxins over years & years and helps to regain our physical, mental & spiritual health in just few sessions.

Size Specification : 22 inches / 56 cms. Dia

This Set includes 1 Pc of Singing Bowls : 56 cms. dia

1 pc. of XXXL Size High Quality Woollen Felt Striker

1 pc. of Cushion

1 pc. of Anti Slip Mat

1 pc. Superior Quality Carry Bag.

Highly Recommended for Professional health care practitioners / Sound healers if they own Sound healing clinic,  Spa & wellness center or Yoga Studios. 




  • One of the most powerful SOUND healing tool to detox , nourish & heal us at Cellular, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual level.
  • A great healing tool for Spiritual Enligthenment.
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