Professional Training Workshop Level 4

SOUND: The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit - Professional Level 4, Residential Training workshop with Certification

World’s only professional training workshop where the world’s most powerful Ancient Sound healing science & Modern Medical Science, with its state of the art Diagnostic tools, merge together giving a new dimension the Professional Sound therapy in the 21st century.

Workshop Training Location: India

Workshop Duration: 14 Days ( 100 hrs. ) Intensive Training

Enrollment Limit: 20 participants

Workshop Contribution: USD 3499

(Boarding & Lodging extra, as per actuals)

Salient feature of IASH Professional Level 4 Training Workshop

1. Integration of Modern Diagnostic tools with SOUND Medicine

2. Application of EEG in Sound healing –

3. Application of different kinds of Neuro & Biofeedback, Aura Scanning devices in Sound healing.

4. Integration of Different forms of meditation & Yoga, Body Detoxification Science, Ayurveda, Psychology, Breathing Techniques, Colour & Aroma Therapy with Sound healing Science

5.This Unique workshop will be facilitated by a team of Maestro SATYA (The World’s leading SOUND healing professional ), Top medical professionals & Doctors ( Neuro Surgeon ), and Renowned Vedic Philosopher, Yoga & Ayurveda expert.