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Intro SOUND Healing Workshop: 4 hrs.

Intro Sound Healing Workshop

SOUND : The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit - Intro workshop ( 4 hrs. )

An internationally acclaimed, Mind, Body, Spirit detoxification and realignment workshop with world’s one of the most amazing & powerful,  Sound healing instruments IASH Singing Bowls.

This workshop covers different aspects of Sound Healing with scientific lecture,  Audiovisual presentations & live demonstrations of the different form of healing and therapies with Singing bowls to heal several kinds of modern lifestyle health disorders with a very practical approach & effortless in our day to day life.

This is one of the world’s one of the unique workshop, offered by “International Academy of Sound Healing”, with tremendous success and global recognition, worldwide, to help people in their quest to bring balance & harmony in each facet of their lives i.e. Good health, Better Relationship, Prosperity & Spirituality.

IASH Sound Therapies with Singing Bowls is a scientific & proven modality and has been accepted with tremendous approval in Europe, USA & Orient and is becoming the forerunner of Sound Therapy, worldwide.

Salient features of the workshop:

  1.  Introduction to Science of Sound Healing
  2. Experience the life-transforming healing powers of SOUND in one of the world’s most amazing Meditation Session with Singing Bowls
  3. Explanation & Demonstration How SOUND can be applied in our day to day life to heal & help us with several kinds of physical, mental & emotional disorders.
  4. Question & Answer Session

Workshop Locations: India, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, South & Central America, Mexico & Australia
Enrollment Limit: 50 to 1000 participants
Workshop Contribution :

USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico & South America: USD 99 per person
INR 2999 per person

Total Workshop duration : 4 Hrs.

  1. A scientific & insightful explanation on Sound healing with  Audio – visual presentation – 60 minutes

Break – 10 minutes

  1. Group Healing sessions with life transforming healing powers of SOUND , An unique experience for each & every workshop participant – 75 minutes

Break – 10 minutes

  1. Different Sound healing demonstrations on volunteers among the workshop participants to introduce them  with the mesmerizing healing powers of SOUND for deep relaxation / Stress Management, treatment of general physical ailments, mental disorders – 70 minutes
  2.  Question Answer Session – 15 minutes

Who can attend this Workshop:

 No Prerequisite & Eligibility Criteria Required, Can be joined by anyone :

  • School kids / students –  8 years & above
  • Homemakers
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Deep meditation & Yoga Practitioners
  • Business Leaders & Employees
  • Spiritual seekers
  • Anyone willing to learn & apply the life-transforming powers of SOUND for self – care.