Feedback from our workshop / Seminar
A Deep & Magical Experience, not easy to forget!
Rinaldo Romani, Rome-Italy
Satya, I would like to thank you so much for bringing the healing bowls into my life. Since we finished the class I am using the bowls on myself and others everyday and it has changed my Life in ways that I would have never even imagined! I cannot think of having even one day without the singing bowls in my life.Thank YOU again
Manon, Montreal- Canada
Satya, Thank you for all the knowledge what you have shared with us. It was a great workshop and I truly believe, that healing with sound will play an important role in the future.
Rosina Steiner, New York-USA
Thank you for the opening of my new life.
Augusta, Rome-Italy
I was very pleased to attend your workshop! I feel a change in myself after your workshop, now I understand what it means, when you said: "the whole world is open for us".
Zoltan Laczai, New York-USA
Hi Satya...can't thank you enough for the Divine Sacred Sound Healing workshop. Loved workshop and so grateful for the warm group energy created by everyone ♥ ♥ ♥
Shalini Kalra Jacob, New Delhi-INDIA
Thanks, We will do our best to spread this wonderful energy.
Margaret, Rome- Italy
It was a great workshop, very informative and highly educative. Satya was truly motivational and inspirational. My family and I greatly enjoyed the experience.
Reyaz, New York-USA
Thank u Satya Brat for this opening into the sacred world of sound healing
Shivani Vaswani, Mumbai-INDIA.
Feedback about our products
Hi Satya,
I hope you are doing well. Thank you, I received my beautiful master chakra set of bowls. May I first say they fill me with such joy. The tones, the vibrations are such a wonder!
Yoga practitioner (USA)
Dear Mr Satya,
I thank you, my chakra set of bowls arrived this morning in perfect condition. I thank you for matching them up beautifully together…they look beautiful.
Love and Blessings,
Malcolm Smerdon
Sound Massage Therapists (Australia)
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New York , USA

SOUND: The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirit - Advanced Level -2 Training Workshop with Certifications.


Date: Sep. 8, 9 & 10, 2017 - Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

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Integral Yoga Institute

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to integrate this amazing healing sceince, emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing modality in modern times, for greater success in their healing profession.


Workshop Facilitator: Mr. Satya Brat
1. An internationally acclaimed & world renowned authority on Sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.
2. Master Certified, Sound Healer ( with Tibetan Singing Bowls ) & teacher.
3. Founder & CEO of International Academy of Sound Healing

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