Feedback from our workshop / Seminar
A Deep & Magical Experience, not easy to forget!
Rinaldo Romani, Rome-Italy
Satya, I would like to thank you so much for bringing the healing bowls into my life. Since we finished the class I am using the bowls on myself and others everyday and it has changed my Life in ways that I would have never even imagined! I cannot think of having even one day without the singing bowls in my life.Thank YOU again
Manon, Montreal- Canada
Satya, Thank you for all the knowledge what you have shared with us. It was a great workshop and I truly believe, that healing with sound will play an important role in the future.
Rosina Steiner, New York-USA
Thank you for the opening of my new life.
Augusta, Rome-Italy
I was very pleased to attend your workshop! I feel a change in myself after your workshop, now I understand what it means, when you said: "the whole world is open for us".
Zoltan Laczai, New York-USA
Hi Satya...can't thank you enough for the Divine Sacred Sound Healing workshop. Loved workshop and so grateful for the warm group energy created by everyone ♥ ♥ ♥
Shalini Kalra Jacob, New Delhi-INDIA
Thanks, We will do our best to spread this wonderful energy.
Margaret, Rome- Italy
It was a great workshop, very informative and highly educative. Satya was truly motivational and inspirational. My family and I greatly enjoyed the experience.
Reyaz, New York-USA
Thank u Satya Brat for this opening into the sacred world of sound healing
Shivani Vaswani, Mumbai-INDIA.
Feedback about our products
Hi Satya,
I hope you are doing well. Thank you, I received my beautiful master chakra set of bowls. May I first say they fill me with such joy. The tones, the vibrations are such a wonder!
Yoga practitioner (USA)
Dear Mr Satya,
I thank you, my chakra set of bowls arrived this morning in perfect condition. I thank you for matching them up beautifully together…they look beautiful.
Love and Blessings,
Malcolm Smerdon
Sound Massage Therapists (Australia)
Online Registrations is now Open for our following workshop......Come & Have a life time experience with amazng healing powers of sounds to bring ultimate Peace & Joy in your life as well as our beautiful universe.

New York City, USA

SOUND : The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind & Spirts : Training Workshop with Certifications.


A 2 Days. - Internationally acclaimed workshop with scientific presentation, Demonstration & Hands on Training.

SOUND is the best nourishment & medicine for a healhy Body, Mind & Spirit.

Anyone can learn & apply into their day to day life with a very practical approach - Quick Relief from several kind of phyhsical, mental & psychological disorders- Boosts immunity system - , Self confidence, Concentration , Creativity & Mental powers.

Excellent Healing sciecne to enhance mental & spiritual powers to bring balance & harmony in each facet of our life - Good health, better relationship, Peace, Prosperity & Spirituality.

100% Guaranteed workshop being offered regulalry in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & India with tremendous success & global recognition.


Sound healing science with Himalayan Singing Bowls is a thousands of years old ancient healing science, rediscovered & emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing modality of modern times to heal our Body, Mind & Spirits.



Healing with Himalayan singing bowl is a scientific & proven modality. It has been accepted with tremendous approval in Europe, USA & Orient by several advanced medical institutes with its endless possiblities to heal alomst any kind of physical, mental, emotional & psychological disorders. AN ULTIMATE SCIENCE for our PHYSICAL, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH.



Date: September 6 & 7, 2017 - Wednesday &Thursday.

Time: 10 AM to 6 PM

Integral Yoga Institute

227 West, 13th Street , New York
NY - 10011
Ph: +1-212-929-0585

Workshop Contribution Cost: USD 399 only.


Workshop Registration Limit : 40 Participnats


An Unique, revolutionary , 2 days, 100% Guaranteed Workshop, based on thousand of years old anceint sound healing science, rediscovered in modern times with worldwide scientific research, recognition and approval by modern medical sceinces.

An Internationally acclaimed, exclusively designed workshops for :

1. School Studetns & Parents : to bring balance & harmony in each facet of their life i.e. Good Health, Relationship, Mind Power, Creativity, Concentration, Self Confidence & Spirituality.

2. Advanced Yoga & Meditation Practitioners : to attain deep meditative & Spiritual Enlightenment.

3. Alternative Therapists / Energy Healers / Massage Therapists & Practitioners with Medical background - to integrate this amazing healing sceince into their healing modality for greater success.


4. Working as a Sound Healing Professional - Sound healing science has been emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing modality of modern times. Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowl is a scientific & proven modality and has been accepted with tremendous approval in Europe, USA , Orient and is becoming the forerunner of Sound Therapy, worldwide, with tremedous scope & opportunity to work as proefessional sound healer with immense recognition & financial remuneration, anywhere in the world


Workshop Facilitator:
Maestro Satya Brat

1. An internationally acclaimed & world renowned authority on Sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.
2. Master Certified, Sound Healer ( with Tibetan Singing Bowls ) & teacher.
3. Founder & CEO of International Academy of Sound Healing

For Registrations or any query, Pls. Contact:

Integral Yoga Institute

227 West 13th Sreet , NYC , NY - 10011
Ph: +1 (212 ) 929-0585




Our Workshop coordinator for New York Area in USA

Mr. Zoltan Laczai

Ph: +1 ( 347 ) -239-5400